• How does GCI work?

    Your employer buys a voucher which entitles you to the hire of a bike of your choice directly from us. Because we’re authorised by the FCA there is no £1,000 limit.

    The cost of the voucher is the same as the bike so for a £1,500 bike the voucher is £1,500.

    You repay the cost of the voucher by sacrificing a part of your gross (before tax & NI) salary. This means you save the tax and NI that you would pay if you bought the bike from your net (after tax) pay. Your employer also saves 13.8% employer’s NI. So it’s worth them doing it.

    At the end of the initial hire period we can’t give you the bike because you would incur a tax liability. So we make you a free of charge loan of the bike for five years. After which you can buy the bike from us for £1.

    We manage all the end of scheme arrangements so there is nothing for your employer to do and best of all no end of scheme sting as there is on old fashioned Cycle to Work schemes.

  • Am I eligible?

    As long as you are a UK Pay As You Earn (PAYE) taxpayer you will be able to take part providing the required salary sacrifice doesn’t take you below the minimum wage and your employer is willing.
    If you pay PAYE as a director you will qualify. If you are truly self employed then sadly you won’t benefit.

  • How long is the agreement for?

    There are two separate agreements with GCI. A salary sacrifice agreement, which is between the employer and employee to repay the cost of the voucher. This can be for any period longer than three months that both parties are happy with. Common terms are 12, 18, 24 months.

    The hire agreement between the employee and GCI Ltd. This is for 12 months and is unaffected by the length of the salary sacrifice.

  • Why no £1,000 limit?

    We’re authorised by the FCA for consumer hire up to any value. Since you’re hiring the bike from us your employer doesn’t need FCA approval. You can see our registration here

  • Is this HMRC approved?

    Yes. You can see the confirmation on their website here:
    (Scroll down to third paragraph)
    “The exemption also covers the provision of a voucher for hiring bicycles and equipment.”

    Ernst & Young, one of the big four accountancy firms said:

    Our review of the GCI documentation has confirmed that the scheme arrangements are
    robust and comply with the relevant legislative exemption in respect of cycles and cyclist’s
    safety equipment.

    Ask us if you’d like to see a copy of their report.

  • What if my employment ceases?

    The hire will continue but you will have to repay any outstanding monies to your employer.

  • What if the bike is stolen?

    You must continue to repay your employer for the cost of the voucher. (Normally from your gross salary so you only pay the net of tax cost.) We will terminate the hire agreement and you won’t owe us anything. We very strongly recommend you insure the bike.

  • Can I insure a bike that doesn't belong to me?

    Yes you can. Just make sure the insurer knows you are taking part in a C2W scheme. We can’t recommend a specific insurer (FCA rules) so just do a web search.

  • What if the bike breaks down or needs repairs?

    All the bikes we hire come with a 12 month warranty to cover any faults that develop. However you are responsible for any repairs required that are not covered under warranty.

  • Can I sell the bike?

    Not until the end of the extended free loan period unless we agree otherwise in writing.

  • Who else can ride the bike?

    You can allow anyone over 14 to ride the bicycle. You are still responsible for it.

  • Do I need to keep mileage records?

    HMRC don’t require mileage records or any logs. However please ensure the majority of use is for commuting.

  • Can I have more than one bike?

    Providing your employer agrees, yes you can.

  • Who owns the bike?

    We do for the duration of the hire but we’re contractually obliged to hire it to you. At the end of the scheme we’ll offer you an extended free loan. A part of the loan agreement is that we appoint you as our agent to dispose of the bike to a third party of your choosing.

  • What if GCI Ltd goes bust?

    GCI Ltd.’s constitution prevents it from incurring debts which means that it can’t go bust and no-one else can have any claim on its assets.

  • Employer Registration

    If you would like to offer the Green Commute Initiative to your colleagues, enter the information required here.

  • What if the shop I want to use isn't signed up?

    Most resellers are delighted to work with us because we’re a much better deal for them (and therefore you). Ask them to get in touch. WE CAN’T DEAL WITH HALFORDS GROUP (Halfords, Cycle Republic, Tredz or Wheelies) OR EVANS because they don’t take other provider’s vouchers as they have their own schemes. We support local bike shops so we don’t work with the big on-line only suppliers.

  • Are there suppliers I can't use?

    Yes! We don’t deal with the Halfords Group (Halfords, Cycle Republic, Tredz, wheelies) or Evans. because they have their own schemes and don’t take other peoples vouchers. We also don’t support online only because we want to support  your local bike shop.

    You also can’t have a second hand bike or just the kit to convert a normal bike to an e-bike.

  • Are you a reseller?

    If you’re a reseller of quality bikes, they don’t need to be electric, then we’re keen to have a chat. We think we have a much better offering than other C2W providers, such as:
    5% commision,
    Really fast payout,
    No £1,000 limit making e-bikes and better standard bikes possible.
    We’re the only provider authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.
    We bring a whole new level of professionalism to our customers and suppliers.
    You can be part of it.
    You can call us: 020 3740 1836
    or mail: info@greencommuteinitiative.uk