Four weeks’ free bike insurance

4 weeks free cycle insurance with CyclePlan

Protect yourself and insure your bike.  At GCI, we recommend you insure your bike as even if it is stolen, as with all cycle to work schemes, you will still be responsible for the repayments.

What would you do if your bike got stolen? Or you got knocked off whilst out for a ride?

We are delighted to have teamed up with Cycleplan to offer our customers’ four weeks’ free bike insurance with no obligation.  An activation link will be sent to you with your collection voucher.

Lock it up!

Not all bike locks are the same.  Ensure you secure your bike to an immovable object using either a Sold Secure rated lock, or Thatcham approved lock.

Locks are graded based on the time it will take a thief to break the lock.  You must have the appropriate lock based on the value of your bicycle.

A Gold rated lock is required for bicycles with an insured value of £1,000 and over.

A Silver rated lock is required for a bicycle with an insured value of under £1,000 and a Bronze rated lock should only be used for bicycles with an insured value of less than £500.

For more recommendations on how and where to lock your bike, see Cycleplan’s General Security Requirements.

Also please remember, you must keep evidence of your bike lock e.g. receipt or add the details in the accessories section of your GCI application.

Don’t make it easy for thieves to ruin your cycling!