“No Cost” Benefit for employers and employees

We can normally finance the bike vouchers so there is no cash required and no impact on your cash-flow.

Give your employees an added bonus

Joining the Green Commute Initiative couldn’t be easier.



You buy a voucher for your employee which entitles them to hire the bike they want from us.


Money Back

They repay you the cost of the voucher by sacrificing part of their salary.



They enjoy commuting on their new e-bikes. We manage everything else for you. What’s not to like?

You can start your GCI scheme now

How It Works

Your employees get a quote for the package they’d like to hire from one of our local resellers and enter the information into our website. We’ll confirm you’re OK with them taking part. 

We’ll then invoice you for the value of the packages. If, as the employer, you want to finance them our specialist partner will send you the paperwork.

We send your employees the agreements which are signed electronically on-line. Then we send them the voucher. They take the voucher to the shop with suitable identification and collect the package.

We send you file copies of the agreements and a salary sacrifice schedule.

We manage the shops and sort out any issues.

We manage the end of scheme arrangements.